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IVF-ET Treatment Allahabad

In Vitro Fertilization & IVF Embryo Transfer

In Vitro Fertilization or IVF (Test Tube Baby)

In simple terms IVF means fertilisation outside the body. After ovarian stimulation, eggs are collected from the women's ovaries and then fertilized by the husband's sperms in a petri dish or a test tube in a controlled laboratory environment. The resulting embryos are deposited into the women's uterus by embryo transfer. If the process is successful, one or more embryos will implant in the lining of the womb and the woman will become pregnant.

This treatment in Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre is done and indicated for the following situations.

  • Both fallopian tubes are absent, blocked or irreparably diseased.
  • Reduced sperm count and motility
  • Moderate to high elevated ASA
  • Endometriosis
  • PCOD unexplained infertility
  • Tubal Transport mechanism is disturbed.
  • In short IVF procedure consists of :
  • Controlled Ovarian stimulation
  • Monitoring of follicles and egg development
  • Oocyte or egg retrieval under short anesthesia
  • Fertilization of the egg with the sperm
  • Embryo formation 2 to 5 days after fertilization
  • Embryo transfer

Egg Pickup & Embryo Transfer (ET)

This procedure is carried out under aseptic conditions through the vagina by ultrasound guidance under mild anesthesia. A needle is inserted into the ovaries through the back wall of the vagina. The follicles are aspirated and the eggs are immediately identified in the culture room. The eggs are then inseminated with washed motile sperms of the husband and placed in the incubator for fertilization to take place. Embryos take 48 hours to develop into 4 cell stage and the best 1-3 embryos are placed in the uterine cavity of the female partner. Embryos are usually placed in the wife's uterus 2 or 3 days after egg retrieval, often under ultrasound guidance.

Note:- Patients are advised rest for 14 days at home, no admissions in the hospital is required. A pregnancy test after 14 days is recommended.