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Semen Bank

We maintain a dedicated Semen Bank. We have one of the best Semen Bank in India. The male partners sperms are routinely frozen for cryopooling and for IVF, or prior to treatment of cancer or any major surgery. We screen all donors for HIV HbsAg VDRL every three months. Carefully look into any family history of diabetes, hypertension, congenital anomalies and blood disorders. Donors physical characteristics are matched with the recipient in terms of height, physique, colour of skin/eyes/hair, texture of hair, caste religion, IQ, Blood Group, General/Financial Status in society. Donors are recruited only when they meet our requirements and are continued if their fertility status is proved. We ensure close confidentiality for both the donor and the recipient.

We have latest instruments for transportation of washed semen samples in “Lab condition” (i.e. 37°C and 5% Co2) to else where. Donor’s / Male Partner's processed Semen sample is available to outside consultants on request.