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Success Stories

We both are very greatfull to Dr. Vandana Bansal and all of her efforts to help us realize our dreams of having our own child. We went for treatment at Lakhimpur, Lucknow and Varanasi but at last we got success at Arpit Test Tube Baby Centre. During the treatment the behaviour of staff was good.

Virendra Kumar (Sitapur)

Words cannot express how grateful we are to you for turning our dream of having a child into a reality. Our struggles with infertility were an emotionally and physically trying time however the warmth and personal attention felt at every visit and on every telephone call gave us the encouragement we needed to never Give up hope.

Indra Narayan Shukla (Allahabad)

The day Sat 25th June 2011 is the most happiest day of my life because a male child has taken birth by the god grace and excellent team of Dr. Vandana Bansal. My brother in law Mr. Subhod Chandra has became father after 15years of marriage. He has undergone infertility treatment at Mumbai, Delhi, Agra etc. but at last he got success at Arpit IVF Test Tube Baby Centre. I thank Dr. Vandana bansal for giving such nice moment in my life.

R C Vishwakarma (Mirzapur)

We came to Jeevan Jyoti Hospital on 16/06/09, after the tests, we were suggested to go for IVF, after 4 months of treatment we went for IVF on 13/01/10 and on 17/09/10 our baby was with us. We are thankful to Dr. Vandana Bansal and all the staff.

Krishna Upadhyay (Rewa MP)

I was an IVF patient at Jeevan Jyoti Hospital Allahabad. I was under constant care and well supervision of Dr. Vandana Bansal since last 8 months. The behaviour of staff was very cooperative. On 6.10.09 I became mother of child. Previously I have gone under IVF at Lucknow but unfortunately the case was unsuccessful. But thanks to Dr. Vandana Bansal for giving me most precious moment in my life.

Seema Shukla (Allahabad)

Dr. Vandana Bansal is a boon for infertile couple. After 14 years of marriage and almost 5 years of infertility treatment at different clinics, we have lost the hope of having of our own baby. But after coming to Arpit IVF Test Tube Baby Centre Dr. Vandana Bansal made our dream of having our own baby come alive. In 2nd attempt of IVF my wife delivered a male child on 19/10/2006. We both are thankful to Dr. Vandana Bansal.

Lal Singh Yadav (Allahabad)